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Department of Traditional Turkish Arts which is the one of the most important public body among all Turkish universities. Department has been founded in 1983 at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts as “Department of Traditional Turkish Handicrafts”. At the begining it was including four branches: İllumination- Miniature Branch, Binding Branch, Ancient Turkish Tiles Branch and Carpet-Rug -Ancient Fabric  Designs Branch. This department began to provide education in two main art branches: İllumination- Miniature Branch and Carpet-Rug-Ancient Fabric  Designs Branch. The first graduation was in 1986-87. It is one of youngest department of the Faculty which has been ceaselessly continuing its activity. The name of the establishment of this department was changed by the senate of the university as “Department of Traditional Turkish Arts ” in 2009. There are undergraduate education program in the faculty, Master and Doctorate of Art program in the institute of our University.

The members who are employed in education since the establishment of this depatment: Prof. Erol ETİ (1983-1991), Prof. Ayten SÜRÜR (1991-1993), Prof. Dr. Feryal İREZ (1993-1999), Prof. F. Çiçek DERMAN ( 1999-2002 ), Prof. Şerife ATLIHAN (2002-2008), Prof. F. Çiçek DERMAN (2008-2011), Prof. Sibel ARIK (2011-   ).



Department of Traditional Turkish Arts gives education to the have perception and vision with art discipline, creative individuals having curiosity of traditional art, aiming to proceed in searching for the discoveries in traditional arts.In this department, there are art and design undergraduate education program under the name of two main branches; art and design, culture and technology. There is also master and doctorate of art education program which are chosen by the individuals.



The student is offered courses like illumination, miniature, caligraphy, restoration and conservation, wall painting, Turkish interior decoration, restoration and wooden  coral carving arts. The student is educated through theory and knowledge. The department aims to educate students with a modern aesthetical understanding of old Turkish traditional arts to carry on modern interpretations.

The graduates are titled as “artists” who will work in illumination, miniature, caligraphy, wood coral, print and batique arts, as designers in textile, ceramics and different sectors. Japanese, İranian and Krygzs students have graduated from the department.



During the education of Carpet – Rug – Ancient Fabric Design Branch, it is given importance to the effective scientific search and archive in field of traditional textile with disappearing textile products and also valuation of cultural heritage. Basic design, rug and carpet weaving, fabric weaving, technics of printing and dyeing are theorically and practically taught. Natural dyeing, restoration and conservation substances being important in our traditional textile art are taught by their application. The compulsory practical training of the individuals make them more better. In addition to professional education of the individual in carpet – rug – ancient fabric design branch, there are also other departments’ culture and art lessons which will improve and make rich the individual knowledge.

During the undergraduate education students can attend different branches identified by the faculty management. In addition to this, they may also take art classes required by them so they will have good knowledge of art in their field and will be able to complete their education in the other countries of out ofTurkey.

The students being graduated from the branch have a good knowledge of textile field. They can found their ateliers and work in their own shop. They can also work in the textile firms for design and production or also be employed in the museum. The student who completed master and doctorate of art education programs are competent in their field.



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